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The problem of Information Science teacher training based on the competence approach is considered in the given article. Namely, the significance of competence oriented tasks in the course “Programming” is determined. The competence oriented task creation scheme, which takes into account the method of projects, is designed. The application of the mentioned above method in the University course “Programming”, major 014.Secondary Education (Information Science) is described. While researching the following methods were applied: the analysis of the theory of Information Science teaching at Universities, the generalization and systematization of the obtained results, pedagogical observation and pedagogic experience generalization. The main didactic principles were highlighted. The research was based on the mentioned above principles. It was found, that while solving the competence oriented tasks, students create complete software product and realize their abilities. This fact is the incentive for the further study and self-improvement. All practical activity is oriented on a student when implementing the method of projects. It was figured out, that the independent selection of an optional course provides a student with an opportunity to achieve the new higher level of working with the information and communication technologies and consider them as tools of cognition and self-development and in its turn, this facilitates the increase of a personality social activity.
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